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Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Queries

    • What is an affiliate?

      An affiliate is a partner website that actively promotes products or services either through another company or a merchant site in return for a commission. These referrals are tracked and commission is paid accordingly via the sales generated.

    • What is an affiliate program and how does it work?

      An affiliate program allows other companies, or individuals, to market a company's products or services for a commission per item sold.

      In an affiliate program, a partner promotes products and/or services that are similar in content. This partnership is created with the goal of bringing sales to the affiliate site with pre-determined commission rates.

    • What is Global Accommodation Search (GAS)?

      The Roamfree Affiliate Network is powered by Global Accommodation Search (GAS).  Quite simply, GAS is a central database containing rates and availability for over 100,000 properties worldwide. 

      GAS allows your customers to search, compare, check availability and book accommodation worldwide whilst providing both year round and last minute rates and availability.

    • What is the Roamfree Affiliate Network?

      The Roamfree Affiliate Network allows any business with a functional website to place links on their site, giving access to thousands of accommodation properties. Businesses can earn between 6 and 10 percent commission per booking.

      The Roamfree Affiliate system is very simple to use. Once logged in, you will have access to all affiliate linking functions and the online administration area where you can generate reports, track bookings and commissions 24/7. There are no sign up fees or obligations associated with our Affiliate Program; all it takes to join is registering via our simple Sign Up Page

    • Who is eligible to become an Affiliate?

      The Roamfree Affiliate Network allows anyone with a registered, active website to advertise our accommodation links through their site.

    • How can the Roamfree Affiliate Network benefit my business?

      The Roamfree Affiliate Network can benefit your business by introducing a new revenue stream. You have the potential to earn more money with the Roamfree Affiliate Network than with any other accommodation affiliate program.

    • What is required to integrate the affiliate software with my website?

      There is no integration required as all software and information is hosted on our server. All you need to do is place links onto your current website in whichever format that will assist in securing bookings guaranteeing high commissions. We also have advanced options for businesses wanting a comprehensive integration solution, giving greater creative control as to how our property data is displayed on your website. Please contact us if you require more information on comprehensive integration solutions.

    • How do I get started?

      To join the Roamfree Affiliate Network, please complete our simple Sign Up Page.

      Once joined, you will receive a username and password which will allow you to login to the affiliate administration area.

    • I have more than one website, do I need to register separately for each site?

      No, you can use a single affiliate account for as many sites and/or websites as you require. Registration is only required once for our affiliate program, giving you access to create and edit links for different websites as required.

      Each website you add to your account gets a unique affiliate website ID. All bookings will be tracked to your account for each website.

    • How long does it take for my affiliate application to be approved and activated?

      Applications will be processed and activated the following working day. Once approved, a welcome email will be sent to your nominated email account which will provide your user login details. Online Help is available when logging in.

    • Can a website based outside of Australia be an affiliate?

      Yes! To join the Roamfree Affiliate Network, please complete our simple Sign Up Form. For businesses based outside of Australia, one of the following 3 fields is required to complete the registration process: Tax ID, Tax Number (e.g. ABN Number) or DUNS Number.

    • Can I customize the pages with my own site's branding?

      Yes, you can match the branding of your site by adding your logo or banner to the search pages & booking form, that will appear to your customers.

    • What are the benefits of connecting to the Roamfree Affiliate Network?

      • Instant confirmation of our prices and availability, allowing ease when comparing prices

      • Personal Support from our dedicated Affiliate Team

      • Various marketing and online tools to assist you in converting bookings

      • Ability to generate reports and view statistical booking information

      • Exclusive Affiliate promotions

      • Access to the latest and state of the art Affiliate Program technology

      • Regular E-Newsletters with updates and important tips, tools & hints

    • What if I forget my login name and/or password?

      If you misplace or forget your login name and/or password, please email

    • Who will manage and administer the affiliate program?

      Our friendly and experienced Affiliate Team are on-hand to provide you with comprehensive support. The Affiliate Team can be contacted via phone, email or fax details listed under contact us.

    • How do I cancel if I no longer require use of the program?

      You can cancel your registration by contacting affiliate support

    • Is there a minimum period of time that I would need to sign up for?

      There is no minimum sign up period or obligations with our affiliate program.

    • Where can I view the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions?

      This information can be viewed by clicking on Terms & Conditions

  • Technical Queries

    • How do I set up my links?

      Once registered, simply log in and under the heading ‘Create New Links’, you will be able to create numerous styles of accommodation links for your website. If you need assistance with the creation of links, please refer to the Online Help.

    • Can I change and update my links?

      Changes to links can be made at any time. We also recommend the use of the link library for easy link additions. If an accommodation provider becomes inactive of which an affiliate has added a link to on their website, a notification will be sent to the affiliate once a consumer has clicked on the link.

    • Do you offer white labels?

      A white label product is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that is then re-branded by other companies (the marketers) to make it appear as if it was created by them.

      We offer white label options for your website(s), so you continue to build YOUR brand. Search results pages and the booking form page can be themed with your colours and logo or banner to reflect your branding.

    • Can I add any banners I choose?

      We are constantly working on new banner designs for our affiliate partners. A sample folder of banners available for your selection can be obtained by contacting Affiliate Support on email

    • How long are cookies stored for?

      Cookies are enabled for a 30 day period on both white label and affiliate links that go to Commissions are granted for white labels and affiliates on the last site that the consumer searched.

    • What is a deep link and how does it work?

      Deep linking is a link on the affiliate site that is set up to take the visitor directly into an accommodation provider’s detail and availability page. By using the affiliate Create New Links option in your affiliate administration area, you will be able to create deep links to individual properties.

    • Where should I put my links?

      There are various strategies of link placement on your website to maximise your chances of earning commissions. Such suggestions are: your home page, navigation bar, within a travel or accommodation section or other areas where a booking service would be useful.

    • Can I imbed a search box on my website?

      Yes!  In fact our search gadget is a fantastic tool to assist in converting bookings and we highly recommend you insert it in a prominent, main page position on your website.  This will allow your customers to get to the information they are looking for, quickly and easily.

  • Booking & Payment Queries

    • How much commission do I earn per booking?

      Receive up to 10% of the TOTAL BOOKING VALUE for year round bookings (bookings made more than 28 days prior to check in) and 6% for last minute bookings (bookings made 28 days or less prior to check in).

    • How are bookings tracked and credited to my site?

      When you build your links through your Affiliate administration area, your personal affiliate ID is stored in this code. This will enable all bookings to be tracked back to your affiliate account.

    • How do I maximise my sales?

      • The better the positioning of your links and banners on your web home page, the more revenue you are likely to generate from consumers visiting your site.

      • Inserting our search gadget is a highly effective way to increase conversion rates (please contact us for more information on the search gadget).

      • Make your website stand out with creative designs, up-to-date photos and plenty of links to popular destinations and accommodation providers.

      • Adding unique content to your site about the destinations and regions you are promoting is essential if you want to improve your ranking with search engines.

    • When and how do I get paid?

      Our Affiliates are paid on approximately the 21st of every month for booking that have departed in the previous month. Payments are subject to payment being received from the appropriate accommodation provider and the Roamfree minimum payment threshold. The Roamfree minimum payment threshold is $200AUD in any given month. If the minimum payment threshold is not reached in any given month all commissions will be accrued into the next month and paid once the minimum threshold has been reached.

    • Are there any set up fees?

      No. There are no application fees, setup or ongoing costs associated with the Roamfree Affiliate Program.

    • I operate more than one website, can you track them separately but pay me with one account?

      Yes. The system allows you to register limitless websites under the one account.

    • Do you have to earn a minimum commission before receiving payment?

      Yes, the Roamfree minimum payment threshold is $200AUD in any given month. If the minimum payment threshold is not reached in any given month all commissions will be accrued into the next month and paid once the minimum threshold has been reached.

  • Support Queries

    • How can I contact the Affiliate Team?

      Our Affiliate team can be contacted via email. Please refer to the details on the contact us page.

    • What are your helpdesk operating hours?

      Our operating hours:   Monday to Friday:  8.30 AM – 5.00  PM AEST